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Vietnam War Remembered

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2007 - 2012 Vietnam Editorial

American-Vietnam War; Remembered


Morality issues, facts, and the grim results of War.

In addition; What's wrong with America & Commercialism?

Documented by: Michael Smith Sept. 2007 and Updated June 2012 and December 2015

(Part 1)

*Below quotes are copyrighted and were written by Michael Smith.

"Never forgive our tyrants, whether they be Gods or Man.
Nor should we forget our ignorance for ever believing in them."

"Religion is the epitome of mans inability to accept responsibility for itself"

Patriotism is believing that your country is the best
simply because you were born there.

After the French were defeated in 1954, Vietnam was split in two - the north was Communist, led by Ho Chi Minh, and the south was Capitalist under Ngo Dinh Diem. Diem's regime in S. Vietnam received billions of dollars from the US but remained deeply unpopular with most Vietnamese people.

The Vietnam War Story


The US prevented the elections that were promised under the Geneva conference because it knew that the Communists would win.

Vietnamese Buddhist monks protested against American involvement by self-immolation.

Vietnamese monk protests

Operation Phoenix was organized by the CIA. This led to the arrest and murder of thousands of Communists in the south. First the US sent in military advisers, then President Johnson sent in troops in huge numbers.

Photos of The Men You Die For When Joining The US Military


Watch the below Video of "American Imperialism"

Vietnam, the CIA's Illegal Drug Trafficking, and JFK's Assassination:

The Golden Triangle

So much for the fairy tale of American honor! The 30 year war and CIA Vietnam involvement was for control of the Golden Triangle drug trade. The Golden Triangle is one of Asia's two main illicit opium-producing areas. It is an area of around 350,000 square kilometres that overlaps the mountains of four countries of Southeast Asia: Myanmar (Burma), Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. (Other interpretations of the Golden Triangle also include a section of Yunnan Province, China.) Along with Afghanistan in the Golden Crescent and Pakistan, it has been one of the most extensive opium-producing areas of Asia and of the world since the 1950s. The Golden Triangle also designates the confluence of the Ruak River and the Mekong river, since the term has been appropriated by the Thai tourist industry to describe the nearby junction of Thailand, Laos, and Burma.

An Overview of Michael Collins Piper's "Final Judgment"

by Victor Thorn

*Perhaps the biggest secret of the Vietnam War is that our Central Intelligence Agency seized control of the infamous Golden Triangle during that time period, then, along with assistance from various elements of Organized Crime, shipped huge amounts of heroin out of that area into our country. Because piles of money were being made from this practice, and many others, those who stood to profit from this horrendous war – the armament manufacturers, bankers, military men, and drug dealers – were met by any suggestion to withdraw from Vietnam with immediate consternation. But that’s exactly what John F. Kennedy intended to do upon re-election. In fact, he had already planned on telling the American people that their troops would be back home by 1965. Think about this momentous decision for a moment. If we had exited Vietnam by 1965, EIGHT years of bloodshed in the jungles and civil unrest on America’s streets and campuses could have been alleviated...not to mention the drugging of our society...the extensive drug networks, the rise in violence, as well as the lost of all possible control of our government's band of contemptuous war mongering criminals...

“Kennedy’s intended change in Vietnam policy – his plan to unilaterally withdraw from the imbroglio – infuriated not only the CIA but elements in the Pentagon and their allies in the military-industrial-complex. By this time, of course, the Lansky Syndicate had already set-up international heroin running from Southeast Asia through the CIA-linked Corsican Mafia in the Mediterranean. The joint Lansky-CIA operations in the international drug racket were a lucrative venture that thrived as a consequence of deep U.S. involvement in Southeast Asia as a cover for drug smuggling activities.”

In his masterfully detailed book, Piper’s simple one-paragraph explanation may be the most concise overview of the Vietnam War ever written. The military men and defense contractors were making out like bandits from the War Machine, while the CIA crooks and Lansky-led Mobsters (via Santo Traficante as the major wheeler-dealer) were likewise padding their pockets. Author Peter Dale Scott, in Deep Politics and the Death of JFK, said of this phenomenon, “The flood of drugs into this country since WWII was one of the major ‘unspeakable’ secrets leading to the ongoing cover-up of the Kennedy assassination.”

To provide a broader perspective on this situation, Professor Alfred McCoy stated in The Politics of Heroin, “Since the prohibition of narcotics in 1920, alliances between drug brokers and intelligence agencies have protected the global narcotics traffic. Given the frequency of such alliances, there seems a natural attraction between intelligence agencies and criminal syndicates. Both are practitioners of what one retired CIA operative has called the ‘clandestine arts’ – the basic skill of operating outside the normal channels of civil society. Among all the institutions of modern society, intelligence agencies and crime syndicates alone maintain large organizations capable of carrying out covert operations without fear of detection.”

On the government side, the two main Golden Triangle runners were Ted Schackley and Thomas Clines – the same two men who ran Operation Mongoose (the plot to take out Fidel Castro). Thus, from 1960-1975, the CIA deployed a secret force of 30,000 Hmong tribesmen to fight the Laotian Communists. They also created heroin labs in this area; then brought it out via their own private airline – Air America.

Alfred McCoy, in The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade, describes how the CIA first gave smack to our own American soldiers in Vietnam before shipping it into the United States, where Lansky mobsters dealt it on the streets.

Sam Giancana’s biographers reinforced this point by stating that while organized crime did its thing, “The CIA looked the other way – allowing over $100 million a year in illicit drugs to flow through Havana into the U.S. It was an arrangement similar to all the rest they’d made. The CIA received 10% of the take on the side of narcotics, which they utilized for their undercover slush fund.”

After the Mob and the CIA generated this dirty money, they laundered it into secret bank accounts controlled by the international bankers. That way, the government couldn’t get their hands on it and the funds could be invested in the stock market, loaned out to other businesses on the take, or channeled into the Secret Services’ black budgets.

So, even though the above information is only the tip of the iceberg, now do you see why it was so important to the CIA/Mobster/international banker cabal that JFK didn’t pull America out of Vietnam? The money (via illegal drug trafficking and for the War Machine) was incredible, while CONTROL of another area of the globe (the Golden Triangle) was secured.

As a final note, only FOUR DAYS after John Kennedy was assassinated, Lyndon Baines Johnson, his successor, put his name on NSAM 273, which secured our increased involvement in Southeast Asia. These guys weren’t wasting any time! Within a few short months, our involvement in Vietnam went from 20,000 troops to a quarter of a million! The CIA had won, and ten years later 58,229 American soldiers were dead - truly shocking and abysmal behavior – an embarrassment and blight on the American consciousness.

My Lai Officer Apologizes For Vietnam Massacre
August 21, 2009

William L. Calley, the only person to be convicted in the Vietnam, My Lai, massacre of 500 men, women and children, speaks to a Kiwanis Club in Columbus, Ga., about the My Lai massacre in Vietnam in 1968.

"There is not a day that goes by that I do not feel remorse for what happened that day in My Lai," William L. Calley told members of a local Kiwanis Club, the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer reported Friday. "I feel remorse for the Vietnamese who were killed, for their families, for the American soldiers involved and their families. I am very sorry."

William L. Calley, 66, was a young Army lieutenant when a court-martial at nearby Fort Benning convicted him of murder in 1971 for killing 22 civilians during the infamous massacre of 500 men, women and children in Vietnam.

Though sentenced to life in prison, Calley ended up serving only three years under house arrest after President Richard Nixon later reduced his sentence.

"It's hard to apologize for murdering so many people," said Eckhardt, now a law professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. "But at least there's an acknowledgment of responsibility."

There is not a day that goes by that I do not feel remorse for what happened that day in My Lai. I feel remorse for the Vietnamese who were killed, for their families, for the American soldiers involved and their families. I am very sorry.

Calley didn't deny taking part in the slayings on March 16, 1968, but insisted he was following orders from his superior, Capt. Ernest Medina — a notion Eckhardt, the former prosecutor, rejects.

Medina was also tried by a court-martial in 1971, and was acquitted of all charges.

When asked if he broke the law by obeying an unlawful order, the newspaper reported, Calley replied: "I believe that is true."

"If you are asking why I did not stand up to them when I was given the orders, I will have to say that I was a second lieutenant getting orders from my commander and I followed them — foolishly, I guess," Calley said. (Receiving 3 years of house arrest is such an injustice. The bastard and everyone involved should have been shot. They massacred 5oo men, women and children, all non combatants, in a small Vietnam village for no reason whatsoever. MS)

American-Vietnam War; Remembered


My name is Mike Smith. My job and my goal is to travel the globe unearthing it's beauty and hidden mysteries and regretfully it's horrors. During my extensive tours of Vietnam I uncovered many dark secrets of the American-Vietnam War, the CIA deep involvement with seizing the Golden Triangle drug region and so much more. It wasn't what Americans were led to believe for all these years; nor was it what they would want to believe today. It was, however, as I had always believed, knowing our imperialism history and the weakness of mankind in general. Growing up a rebel and a realist I soon realized that my head was more than a hat rack and a television translator. I have always prided myself as being thoughtful, and may I add, sensitive to the suffrage of others and to our environment. Having lived a full life of adventure in exploring this planet I consciously mold myself into each and every experienced culture.

My long and arduous, but enlightening, journeys throughout SE Asia and especially Vietnam opened my eyes to truths that most will never dare to accept. During our long and wasteful Vietnam war...America was the enemy, just as we are now in Iraq. With our contempt for pretty much everything living we did our utter best to destroy this beautiful country, the region in general, and it's gracious, but naive people. This atrocity should never be forgotten by the world, nor accepted by Americans and must cease being justified by the dogs of war. I will never forgive my country and it's contemptuous leaders that caused the deaths of so many, 57,000+ Americans, numerous thousands of puppet allies and the demise, not to elaborate on the total chaos, of over 5 million Vietnamese people; the majority being non-combatants. As well as countless victims befalling the USA onslaught into Laos, Burma, (now Miramar) and Cambodia. [Viet Nam Coat of Arms]Thailand, in being afraid of getting dragged into the rage, allowed America to build and operate bases in their country. They have still not been fully forgiven by their neighbors.

Is it not time for the world and especially Americans to grind their industries of war to a halt and once and for all realize that the billions of hard working citizen's tax dollars sucked into the vacuum of profit generated companies selling weapons of war to every corner of the globe are the causes for the global conflicts, as well as our immense deficits. The resources could definitely be put to better uses. (photo Vietnam Coat of Arms)

The USA is definitely not biased or selective in whom they sell their weapons. They sell them pretty much to anyone and everyone, dictators, corrupt regimes, neighboring tribes to large countries. They  supply all sides in the conflicts, such as in the Iraq-Iranian war of the late 80's. The American tax payers have given free reign to the war dogs and their development of new and even more deadlier weapons in a never ending cycle of insanity. And for what...so some fat cat good ole boys can smoke Cuban cigars...buy more beach homes and spend more time leisurely traveling the globe demeaning women in poor countries? Isn't it time to fund alternate energy, build more and better hospitals, provide affordable health care for your citizens and perhaps pay down own our global debt. As of Oct. 2008, The USA is 53 trillion dollars in debit? With just a fraction of this enormous amount the USA could fund space exploration at a much faster rate, more experimental research on  diseases, build hundreds of high tech hospitals and even fund free universities? It could even spend a few billion on building adequate and faster rail service across it's vast expanse to aid in preserving our air and resources. With just 2 trillion dollars a year the USA alone could practically eliminate global poverty.

(Photo Map of US-Vietnam War) Now is the time to acknowledge that the cost for fear mongering is extremely too high? Where's the sanity? Where is the global peace promised at the end of each war? The western countries consistently pretend to be under threat and attack, but in reality they're the ones behind the terror. Giving them the self empowerment to pre-empty vicious attacks, but most often only on countries with vast amounts of resources or statistical importance. Loudly, but fallaciously crying out in fear for their security, the west proceeds to destroy the economy and livelihood of entire regions, leaving chaos for the poor and mostly helpless victims of their aggression. Blindfolding their citizens with panic the western governments pursue what they believe to be their right to accumulate excessive wealth and global dominance. They  vainly declare their belief in absolute redemption from their God, making it easier to accept their vile deeds of self-gratuity. They cry and moan the death of a pet, but turn their backs to the cries of millions of people suffering from war, as well as natural and other man-made calamities. Where is compassion...logic...rationale and most definitely... where is the love? America was once a nation of envy, of respect, but now it's a nation of fearing and loathing. Are Americans proud of their self-serving achievements? A two party political system is ludicrous; as which of these malignant law school good ole boys do you vote for...asshole A or asshole B? Either and you still end up in the outhouse. It's always about lying through the bleached teeth and whom can raise the most money...which, of course, mostly comes from corporate degenerates.

With all the fiber of my existence and worldly experience I have learned to never accept the words of rhetoric spewing from the mouths of those with the most to gain; and when I hear the words "Trust Me...Vote for Me" I get chills up and down my spine.

While touring in Asia, I spent 3 months in Hong Kong, months throughout China, onto Singapore, Malaysia, Indochina, East Timor, and spent a considerable time exploring every area of SE Asia, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and so forth. But the months spent in Vietnam was the eye opening experience that I believed it would be. Beginning my journey in the far northern hills and slowing making my way to Hanoi, the capital of the red central government, once called the Viet Cong...home to the infamous prisoner of war facility called The Hanoi Hilton. I actually stayed a week in the now remodeled luxury hotel while touring the capital.

Hanoi was home to the Vietnam War archive museum and I must say it well documented the atrocities of the American forces and thousands of un-doctored photos laid the foundation for my story. I eventually left the mega city and rode a $50 USD taxi across the northern area of Vietnam to the limestone islands of Hai Long Bay. The city was nothing to really brag about, but the bay, known as the Gulf of Tongan, where the war actually began, was indescribably breath taking. Taking several boat cruises through the alien seascape of limestone islands left me with images far beyond what one would expect to see anywhere. After a week I hopped a train south to my next stop; Hoi An City and after a couple of weeks I pushed on, stopping in every town, city and village until I reached the center of the American - Vietnam war...Saigon.

Tired, but still anxious I wandered the streets of Saigon. Finding a decent centralized hotel I settled in for a long stay in the main city of America's occupation. There I could really get a feel for how it was when the city was occupied by thousands of armed, angry, scared, drunk and horny American GIs. The conjured image made me tremble.

hill 484 vietnam war - 2009, fight, hill 484 vietnam war, men losted

 "Hill 484 Vietnam War" At 1000 hours on October 5, 1966, The US Marines Company M advanced toward the NVA (North Vietnamese Army) atop Hill 484. Believing that artillery fire would be ineffectual due to the steepness of the slope, the company commander ordered direct tank fire against enemy positions on Hill 484. Five rounds were ordered. Two came at the target; both missed the enemy troops and instead hit Marines positioned on Hill 400.

As I interviewed survivors and chatted with hundreds of war vets my personal involvement and long held beliefs about the Vietnam War were soon justified. Roaming, chatting, listening, collecting information and shooting hundreds of photos of leftover American war machines; visiting numerous war museums, and none of it effected me as did the children's cemeteries and seeing the surviving victims left crippled and forever impoverished on burnt out land.

I felt rage and sadness in my bones, as I witnessed the lingering despair in the land and the people. I walked the barren land laid wasted by America's use of agent orange, phosphorus, napalm and never ending bombing. I sat and chatted with men and women crippled from the atrocities of the war. Some had no arms to wipe away their tears as they poured out their hearts to me. Others no legs...no feet and all with a horrific past and a shady future at best. I saw the region's deep scars of frayed infra-structure, slowly, but tenaciously being rebuilt by these tenacious people and felt pride in just being amongst them.

Day after day and late into the night, in the streets, stores, in the fields, pubs and taverns filled with locals and ex-pat Americans, Germans and more I absorbed the war as it was 35 years prior. I did more than fill my head with the war...I tasted it, I dreamt of it...smelled it and felt the horror in each beat of my heart. The truth, as they say, is a hard and bitter pill to swallow and I know that I, personally, can only ask that Americans learn from this horrid war and that they be forgiven by the strong and inspiring people of Vietnam, as well as it's neighboring countries.

On March the 24th, 2007, on a hot and rainy afternoon, I walked out of the war museum in the central of Saigon and  felt small...very small. At that very moment I lost the remaining ounce of my naiveties and the last clinging hope of belief that we, as Americans, had actually been fighting, dying and murdering in Vietnam for a cause...any cause.  

By birth I am an American, my Mother being 7/8 Piute Indian, while my Father was of Scottish and Norwegian decent. I am quite an odd combination of Viking and native American in which my Norwegian blood drives me and my Indian blood directs me. A few of my descendents were King Henry, Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward IV, Charles Brandon Of Suffolk, James IV of Scotland, William Howard Taft, Howard Hughes, Jesse James, JP Morgan, Elizabeth Truman, William Wallace and Robert III. But where ever and from whomever I came from one thing I do know is that we are a war mongering nation and we need a drastic change of ideologies and policies.

Reading this story you might assume that I am no longer a proud American. You would be correct in your assumption. As a child in America we were taught to feel pride in our country, regardless. We were coached to say our morning pledge of allegiance at school, to salute the flag and to always be thankful of being born in this God fearing nation. Yes, I, like millions of other Americans believed, wanted to believe, in the fervor of the patriotic hype, but we were fed this mind dulling hype and deceit as if it were chocolate candy. The patriotism political and religious system created by our so called perfect forefathers and forever manipulated by every preceding leader, teacher and preacher continually lie and conspire in making Americans believe that they and only they could lead us, direct us, and keep us safe. Their directional conditioning would forever keep their citizens under mass control like mindless children. They passed thousand of freedom diminishing laws, ridiculous regulations...forever driving their people to work harder, buy a bigger house, go further and further in debt...spend...spend...and don't worry...everything will be alright. Well it isn't...millions have and are losing their homes, their jobs and the savings and going to Church or if you can afford...Disney Land isn't going to help.

"Concrete and steel buildings don't collapse from Jet Fuel" And 911 was like the Gulf of Tonkin, Vietnam incident in 1964...just another self induced excuse for war"

During our brief history as a nation we have led the world in bloodshed. Wars are initiated not on the battlefield, but in the halls of governments from a log list of malignant reasons that suit the politicians and  industry. In the war rooms appointed and elected criminals obtain support of their wars by stirring the citizens with cries of patriotism. Loud mind boggling echo's of rhetoric driving the people into a frenzied mass of hysterical robots. War is necessary...war drives our economy, protects our God given rights...assures us of our global policies and goals. On and on the words pour out of their manipulative mouths. Loudly and repetitive the sounds echo through the streets, into the schools and into our homes via our federally controlled medias with their constant mind dulling audible and visual sound bites. The above words are not meant for the USA alone, they are the words and actions of all global leaders, whether they be elected or dictatorial.

Repeal the Patriot Act and give us back our freedom and dignity.

The government and its endless line of agencies remain comfortable in the knowledge that we, the people, are at their beck and call and will continue to tremble in fear when they warn us over and over that only they can rid our closets of bogymen...that only they can protect us from the endless dark shadows...shadows of imaginary enemies created like wall puppets by the power mongrels and politicians; those with the most to gain from our childish fears. As for myself...I never fell for any of it...not as child and definitely not as a free thinking man. And I damn sure don't like to be taken for granted nor treated like a brain dead patriot. Patriotism is believing that your country is the best simply because you were born there. Global division...patriotism...religion, social and economic status, etc. keep us all in the dark of ever reaching our potential. Another of the failures of our society is, of course, commercialism and sadly...even sports play a major factor in our daily manipulation! My question...how long do the people of the world remain subservient?

The pulpits of religion and politics continue their mind controlling rituals of preparing the next generation of obedient tax payers and little tin soldiers. The psychotic misdeeds of these powerful bloodsucking mongrels cry out to our patriotism with catchy mottos like: "You have but one life to give" and "Its your duty to die with honor for your country" and "Your country needs you" and even more insane, "Onward Christian Soldiers Marching off to War." Boy, that one really perturbs me. Illogical fervor swells rampantly in the citizens, making them obligated to be obedient servants. Our institutions instill in their young military recruits that they are nothing more than government property, 'GI, means, Government Issue.'

I'm not sure, and I doubt that anyone can clarify absolutely, the many reasons America remains a warring and barbaric nation; a nation of takers, of people convinced that the world belongs to them and no matter what the needs of others that they have the right to claim it. Working, exploring, creating is a good thing, but not when the efforts of so many are directed to proliferation of military might in order to take dominant others...whenever...where-ever. This just instills other nations to do the same in seeking defense and in order to get their piece of the pie.

Western societies self given rights to police the world provide golden opportunities to meddle in the affairs of others and with centuries of perfecting their warring capabilities they in their own mind claim to be masters, but in actuality...are but pawns of their own deceit and manipulation. Tools of their arsenal are bribery, threats, coups, naval blockades, monetary & economic warfare and when necessary...war and even annihilation. We have been bred in deceit and live in fear and when called...we will die for a cause. When asked the cause...the leaders simply reply..."Cause they say so!"

Why does the empowerment of 11th century doctrines of church and state still exist? Why? Because we, the people, allow it to remain and continue to support the institutions that keep it in power. As that the USA was founded in war; fighting bloody battles with our English brethren and then continuing to wage one-sided campaigns of murder against the rightful owners of our newly claimed land...the indigenous Indians...and then against our neighbors; and so began a long history of warring for self proclamation. "Might over Right."

Doesn't it bother Americans that every inch of their soil was wretched from the dead and dying tribes of free natives? Is not America built on the graves of hundreds of thousands of these people? Did not our admired and worshipped leaders of the past destroy not only the native's lives, their right to exist...their future and their beliefs, but did they not seek to end their very way of life? Not even allowing them to speak their native language! The obviously inherited callousness in justifying their demise continue to lead us down this terrible path, as even today we attack and occupy Afghanistan and wage a bloody war against the people of Iraq seeking to control  their region & resources. And that's not enough to quench their thirst for blood and oil, as even now you further threaten to escalate your violence into the neighboring countries of Syria and Iran. Are you naive enough to believe that you can secure your peace by waging war? Are you allowing yourselves to be led down this same path again and again...marching blindly off to war when the rich blow their horn of patriotism and wave their cloaks of frenzy? Are you not emotional and thinking human beings or are you nothing more than what your leaders believe...just children afraid of the dark? Are you just unimportant livestock that can easily be led into self-induced chaos and slaughter? Take a moment out of your busy, but fruitless lives, and ponder the good we could do with the trillions of dollars, the wasted ingenuity and livelihoods of so many people now laying dead and forgotten in yet another war cemetery? It's time to stop the madness! Get involved. Put your own live on hold and do something to better the lives of the world's people and do you part to stop the destruction of our living planet...it is after all...your home too.

In the war with Vietnam we spent our resources and our young in a ceaseless rampage of murder, bloodshed, torture and unfathomable chaos. America brought to Vietnam the full power of it's industrial might, it's overwhelming war machines, the entire wealth and resources of it's country, along with the manpower and resources of numerous allies, but in the end you and everything you sought to accomplish were defeated, humiliated and scorned by the unrelenting will power and simple ingenuity of the Vietnamese people. It wasn't their military that won the war...it was the unwavering strength and devotion of their people...every man, woman and child. When the peoples army of Vietnam marched into Saigon in April 1975 the beleaguered Americans were scrambling to get the hell out of the country; abandoning it's allies, the S. Vietnamese, billions in surplus goods and enough weapons to fight yet another war. The American youth died, your country lost it's respect in the world and you...the American tax payer footed the bill. Aren't you proud? Instead of sticking out your chest in pride you should be ashamed for being led by manipulative morons not giving a damn about you, your family or your very existence...you're just a pawn...a hard working slob that like an obedient dog that does what it's told. You, the people of the so-called free industrial nations continue to pay your taxes for yet another war and more private jets, yachts and beach homes for the rich and not so famous.

The Vietnam war divided your nation, and the world, and ended the American dynasty. So much sacrificed for so little! The loss was in spite of the fact that American forces dropped more bombs than in the entirety of all previous wars ever fought on the globe. In spite of using weapons of mass destruction, such as Dioxin (agent orange) napalm, gel gas, high explosive ordinances, phosphorus bombs, mines and countless other weapons of destruction that succeeded in killing mostly non combatants... innocent people just trying to survive another day. America's little tin soldiers imprisoned, tortured, beheaded, burned, raped and often gutted and actually skinned children. Your soldiers maimed, killed and literally murdered not thousands, but millions of Vietnamese people, as well as poisoned the soil for generations, leaving people even now unable to grow food...and for what? American war stats vary from 1 million to about 4 million Vietnamese killed, but the consensus in Vietnam and the rest of the world state the number to be much higher; possibly up to 6+ million killed with approximately 14 million wounded and countless more left destitute and homeless. These figures do not reflect the additional millions that are still suffering from the countless negative effects of the uncountable tons of chemicals used by the American forces. It also does not include the causalities in neighboring countries; Laos is recorded as the most heavily bombed country in the world. These small countries, including Laos, Cambodia, Miramar as well as Vietnam are still, as of today, suffering from endless stretches of once fertile land laid absolutely barren and poisoned. They also remain laden with millions of dangerous landmines and other unexploded ordinances and psychological scars that will last for even more decades...

Could America have defeated Vietnam? My answer is no; not without entirely destroying every inch of the country and killing every man, woman and child. Why? There are numerous reasons. For 1: the Vietnamese people were united in every aspect of their existence; in their work, their social status and in fevered tenacity for everything they did. 2. They retained unyielding pride and love for their country and each other. This was and remains true for each and every Vietnamese from the smallest child to the oldest man and woman. They live, work, communicate and function in total sync with one another. They respect and adore each other and go out of their way to help one another. They seldom ever bicker, argue or fight and have true compassion for their heritage. They employ a work ethnic that would kill any westerner within a week. They have values that western civilizations could never exhibit. 3. These people can live for months on a hand full of rice a day and quench their thirst by suckling water from plants. They can march barefoot in total darkness for weeks, dig tunnels kilometers long by hand, carry excessive loads, endure enormous discomfort and severe pain without whining. 4. But mostly for the very simple reason that they were invaded and were fighting for their lives, their culture, their heritage and everything else they believed. Americans were fighting because they were ordered to do so by their superiors... because they were drafted into a war in a region of the world they knew nothing about and each just waited to go home.


The Americans were stuck, afraid, disorganized and as for the grunts on the ground...they were simply counting the days when they could go back home to safety, apple pie, their friends and families. Back to a land that wasn't suffering in torture and death. Why was America in the war? Why did the industrial might of a super power invade a country of poor, backward people in a nation only slighter larger than the state of Florida? Why? I'll tell you why! It was a distraction to their problems at home and to boost it's economy by revving up the war industry to distribute the American taxpayers revenue to the players. It was to seize control of Vietnam's resources, like tin, numerous minerals, as well as the opium trade. It was to instill fear and secure world dominance and extended influence. In reality it did neither. The war broke the back of America when it was finally realized by it's people as nothing more than a slaughter, a chance to try out all their new war toys on a small country. The war grew and grew, spinning eventually into Vietnams neighbors.

America sacrificed its own and slaughtered millions trying to break the spirit of the region, in getting them to forfeit their land and wealth to their superior industrial carpet-bagging. In victory their goal was to submit them to their way of thinking and to establish a replica of their own cultural misery of total commercialism and opening new markets for their industries. The soldiers role was to accomplish this by whatever means possible...to do it or die trying!

Even today in 2012 America continuously struggles to set a precedence for other nations; by keeping them in awe of their power and in pushing their iron will in loud statements and blood that America has the right and the might to do any damn thing it wants, whatever...whenever and to whomever! America...the nuclear bully in the playground!

American gains & loses from the war: Over crowded memorial cemeteries and a very long wall bearing the names of dead boys. With 57,000+ dead, close to a million wounded and decades of suffrage by the surviving vets and their families. Hundreds of Billions of tax dollars wasted. Their nation ripped apart. Lost of respect around the globe. Major health and mental  issues for generations and the beginning of a new era of drug use, streets flooded with guns, drop outs, misfits, violence unprecedented and escalating murder and overflowing prisons; The war opened the path for billions in smuggled drugs and created millions of addicts and countless organizations of traffickers. And with all the suffrage and spent billions the loss of the war was blamed on the peace movement... the very people trying to save some dignity for the American people. The movement that sought to save lives of both Americans and Vietnamese. A movement of local people that marched, were beaten, even shot and jailed while they screamed and cried to stop the slaughter in Vietnam, Laos, Burma, (now Miramar), and the murder of tens of thousand bombed in Cambodia. Our military and leaders backed the Cambodian Khmer Rouge, which slaughtered a third or more of it's own people, whose was eventually overthrown by the Vietnamese people.

During the anti war protests in American their leaders and their dogs of war turned their guns on their own people for daring to demand peace. I remember the shooting deaths of the students of Kent State by the armed National Guard. I remember the jailing of thousands, the beatings, the terrorist branding of those daring to stand up to President Johnston and Nixon...Yes, I remember. The terrible conclusion is that America has never and probably will never accept their actions in Vietnam; nor have they made reparations to Vietnam and it's neighbors. America still believe their actions were right and retain anger that they failed to win. Did they learn anything? Obviously not...as their flex their might again for oil and minerals in the mostly defenseless countries of Afghanistan and Iraq. More billions spent...more millions killed!

Vietnam loses: Millions killed, mostly non combatants civilians. 14+ million wounded and , even more displaced and homeless. Decades of poverty, disease and utter starvation. Generations of birth defects and contaminated land still evident today. Trillions of dollars in damage to every aspect of their lives; depredation to their culture and countless future generations; destruction of their cities, villages and towns, their infra structure, their farmland, wildlife & livestock and so much more. These gracious, but tenacious people endured the raping of their women and little girls. They suffered the torture and total humiliation of their people and were left with nothing more than memories of how American soldiers enslaved their people, turning them against each other, traded their cut off ears for beer, they watched their young women being forced into prostitution...They watched and endured the raping of their children and often killed afterwards. Memories of watching American soldiers pouring gas and setting ablaze their friends and families for no other reason than that they could. The invaders answered to no man or God. The Vietnamese still endure the nightmarish memories of watching their villages napalmed, their people shelled, and shot, even gutted, beheaded, thrown out of helicopters and dragged behind jeeps and tanks. Of watching US soldiers tie hand-grenades to their people and laugh in hysteria watching their bodies blow apart. The soldiers of America were taught and encouraged to believe that the Vietnamese people were less than animals, subhuman, nothing but gooks. It made it easier for these young, numb boys to carry out their competitive sport of acquiring more kills and body counts than other squadrons. It wasn't war...it was sport killing...blind and obedient slaughter. The US soldiers were told it to kill anyone older then 10 years of age. Sadly that policy is still in effect today.

Vietnam gains; Perseverance, self government and global maturity...nothing more!

Am I angry? You god damn right I'm angry and you should be too! Why? Because it's all happening again. Does the USA need to subdue and steal the resources of other nations! Do they need the mega bucks from their weapon industry to prosper? Our government  has sold the people out, having taken away their citizens right to work and prosper logistically. The Gov. not only allows, but encourages the country's largest industries to move to 3rd world nations offering no health or safety benefits in order to benefit their partnered and supportive banks and industries. They create slave labor conditions for already impoverished workers in under developed countries just to increase profits. American inventors continuously show impunity to their country's interest and growth potential by selling their ingenuity, products and patents to other nations for quick profits. The American government and their corporate partners push for less regulations of quality control and allowing unsupervised and uncontrolled business and banking practices. Allowing and even encouraging industries to flood their markets with poor quality products. Such lack of management makes it nearly impossible for the production of a decent American car, etc. The US doesn't even produce stereos, computers, electronic, steel, glass, textile or thousands of other needed products which could boost their own economy by once again being a supplier on the global market. The list of deficiencies goes on and on and on. It's obvious to anyone with a brain that America itself is its greatest enemy.

Is America still a rich nation? Not 'no...but hell no! The nation is and has been for the last 30 years sold out to foreign interest. It suffers from both political parties, which take turns destroying their country for profits and special interest. America is a debtor nation with minuses in every aspect of it's economy and  has pretty much bankrupted the entire world. The current collapse of the housing and auto industries, the corrupt and profit driven Wall Street, brokerage companies and major banks being controlled by your Federal Reserve, failures of credit and insurance institutions and definitely the uncontrolled printing of valueless currencies have dropped your country into a full blown recession. The USA has hundreds of billions in trade deficits with Japan, China, Europe, and other countries and borrows billions monthly from Japan and China to finance it's Iraqi and Afghanistan wars. The debt of the USA grows by leaps and bounds each day. It's debt with all it's standing obligations is now at 59 Trillion dollars...not including  inflation and interest.

Should America still pretend to be a proud nation? What the hell do they have to be proud of? As of now America's the most hated and feared nation on Earth, as well as the most comical. Remember your last president, Bush's mockery of Iraqi's accused weapons of mass destruction. Remember his lame and idiotic statements. Hell' the man's an idiot and a joke...a sick joke and a dangerous one at that! Is America a secured nation? Not in the slightest. Why? Well, when you wage wars and police actions on a global scale you generate new threats and create even more dangerous enemies daily and do so while depleting the nations resources. To continue along this path America will remain living in constant fear, as scripted by your large American companies, while they sell their souls and yours, for profits...large profits. Highly motivated special interests support the politicians and are in return supported. The people need to put down their beer, turn off their sports and realize that you are paying the true costs...both in cash, in blood and the future of your children. Wake up...read between the lines, stop believing the rhetoric from your industry owned medias. They are driven in their attempts to keep citizens in fearful panic as they bankrupt the nation. Do you actually believe that Sept. 11th was carried out by a handful of uneducated Muslims? Do you really believe you are safe by implementing ridiculous and retentive security measures at airports, by installing metal detectors in your schools, banks, etc., but yet not even consider upsetting two of your most powerful lobbyists...The Jewish League and The American Gun Association. Our young are mostly uneducated, hooked on drugs and have complete access of guns. That is a very dangerous scenario.

Are you healthier, when the EPA & the FDA are bought off by your industries in allowing higher and higher levels of toxins dumped in your air and water supply? The permissive limits on chemicals and contaminates in the country's  drinking water, the air and in the food have steadily risen for decades. Incorrigible amidst the turmoil and stress you follow along in blind obedience, foolish enough to believe that by giving up your bottled water, shampoo and fingernail clippers at the airport that you are doing your part in keeping the world safe? Does it make you safer when the airport security demands old women and young kids to remove their shoes? Facts are that millions of tons of cargo pour through your open ports in unchecked containers each month. Do you really feel safe even without the so-called threat from global activists, when the streets of your cities and towns are the most dangerous in the world? You have much greater odds of dying as a victim of crime or from a common cold, food poison or a car accident than you would ever have from being killed by an extremist.

America has more violence than most nations combined. It has more people in jails and prisons than the rest of the world. America even has more people behind bars than they do in Universities. Even odder is that most of those jailed were poor, black and minor drug offenders. The health and educational systems are horrific and of course, profit driven. America's value and morality are all in dollar signs...$$$. Having a luxury car and a large home is much more important than getting involved, befriending your neighbors or standing up to out of control politicians. We all have to realize that the world needs it's people to care, be supportive of each other in aiding fellow humans that are starving and dying as a direct result of our callous actions and cowardly inactions. Our kids are killing each other over cell phones and sneakers!  They have fallen into the bottomless pit of consumerism and now believe that their individual gains are more important than anyone or anything else. Americans wait in line for days to buy a new Ipod or a pair of limited sneakers.

Homeland security...what a play on words...like other words paraphrased in George W. Bush's 3rd grade rants about freedom, terrorism...and his constant referral to God and other, mostly mispronounced. words repetitively used in his brain-dead speeches. He and all the lying crooked politicians portray their sheer and utter contempt for our lives, our money or our intelligence. Stop listening to constant news bites of repetitive shallowness. I guess it's true what Hitler's subordinate, Himmler, once declared during WW 11; "Scream it loud and long enough and the people will believe anything."

Home land security is a staged and well rehearsed play in a clever guise of keeping you blind to the truths of where the real danger lies! So much effort and wasted funds spent in fooling the American people in believing that they're under attack and that their way of live is in jeopardy. The madness makes me sick and it's not that the government's doing it...that's expected, but it's that the American people actually believe the bullshit. "Oh, and by the way...the sky's falling."

The truth is that America, as well as their ass kissing allies, England, Europe in general and especially Israel, are the real terrorist nations. Think about it...they're bombing...invading, killing, occupying, imprisoning and torturing people all over the world. They literally control the globe militarily, economically and economically with their manipulation of global markets. They are the countries carrying out coups, over-throwing world leaders, and of course bribing and cheating nations out of their resources. With callousness they go about their normal business of obliterating global economies and at times even entire heritages, such as the Palestinians. The CIA, British's MI6, also known as SIS and Israel's Mossad all have their dirty hands in every nations business. They run more drugs and weapons than all of the world's so-called illegal cartels. Are you aware that the poppy fields in Afghanistan are now being cultivated with new American supplied tractors? The American CIA and special forces are everywhere, undermining the world's governments and economies, as well as ambushing and disposing anyone in their way. Our war ships cruise around the world intimidating entire regions, bribing, intimidating and coercing every nation  in allowing the building of US bases. The US and friends support every dictator, degenerate King and ruler on the planet. We care less for the actual peoples of the world.

America boasts of its charitable provisions of pharmaceuticals to Africa in their fight against Aids, which most likely was created by America and distributed by WHO, the World Health Organization during inoculation drives. While the US boast quite often of their donations to African governments and organizations, what they don't clarify is their so-called donations are mostly large sums of credit. Credits that can only be used in the purchase of over priced American drugs. The word charity in their interpretation is simple...America's interest...first and foremost. In addition to food aid and drugs, these impoverished and bullied nations receive their generous share of munitions and war machines and again at a very high price. America profits and everyone else loses.

America's industries are continuing to decline in stature and considering the country can't even make a decent car they are great in designing and building superb war machines, but only after years and wasted billions spent. This should tell you something at their policies, but as Americans see it they shouldn't be too concerned, after all they live in the land blessed by their Jewish God. The land where the home of the free and the brave live and are further validated as God fearing people, while at the cost of billions and countless lives we continually stand by Israel. They are by self degree God's chosen people. From one ignorant and biased book of Israel's compilation it remains sad that Christians, especially Americans, continue believing they are blessed by some all powerful God with his inherited blessings and permission to do whatever they damn well please.

My military question is simple; America screams self defense..."fight them over there so we don't have to fight them over here." So if under attack, as proclaimed, then why do they build arsenals of offensive weapons instead of defensive ones? I am an American and do I hate my country? Absolutely not. Why am I so harsh on America? Simply because I want the people of America to wake up and stop quoting the Jewish bible and waving their flags of self righteous patriotism long enough to get off their asses and stand up to their government and their profit driven corporations. America is the peoples country...so when are we going to reclaim it? Haven't we been pawns and sheep long enough? How long do our people intend to pray and wait for their Jewish God to save them?

American, and most western civilizations begin conditioning their kids to be competitive and self centered in which results in conditioning them to be good candidates for the military. Parents buy them what ever they want...not what they need. War toys, violent video games, allowing to watch murder and mayhem movies for entertainment. American youth are encouraged to believe it's ok to hunt and slaughter animals, to be aggressive, get in fights and to do onto others before they do onto them. The young have few boundaries, as they are allowed to lie and cheat knowing they will be defended by their parents whom do whatever necessary to protect their spoiled brats, even when at 16 years of age their daughters get pregnant; or when their sons are accused of  date-raping a young girl. They turn a blind eye when their kids hang with degenerates, or consume large qualities of alcohol, take designer drugs or when they spend enormous sums on clothes, etc. They blame society, a society they created, for their kids failures. Their young men are encouraged to join the military and fight and kill for their country, but then rant and blubber like babies when their kids are killed in some fucked war they themselves supported. But are actually proud when their sons and daughters return alive and brag on them like some kind of hero, when in reality they are nothing more than obedient and government justified murderers. We live the lies that make our lives fruitlessly fulfilling, but totally wasteful.

People are totally out of touch with themselves, the world around them and everything in between. Hell, they solve their parenting deficiencies by giving their kids credit cards at 13, birth control pills at 14 and a new car at 16. Thousands of children end up in trouble with the law, hooked on drugs and/or alcohol, run rampant, have unprotected sex and get or get someone pregnant. And the few kids that do get jobs end up spending every earned dollar trying to be something they're not. Splurging their money on designer jeans, latest cell phones, consistent boozing to impress other degenerates, they call friends. With the rest of their time being spent on idle chit chat on their $200 cell phones or messaging each other on computers, browsing porn sites, playing video games and all of the other endless and readily available assortment of nonsensical items of sheer vanity? The really sad issue is they aren't responsible...they're just products of their society and their much too busy to be involved parents. The same parents that aren't even aware that they're terrible at being friends, neighbors, parents, teachers, employees/employers and even worst at just being human. They live and die in a small cubicle of work, stress, traffic, junk food and occasional self indulged leisure and actually believe they have a life. They are all caught up in the commercial hell. It's truly shameful!

In America our governments have sold us out to their corporate and financial supporters, while we blindly chase the fucking American dream...existing in a self contained maze of debt and stress. The Jewish lords run the Federal Reserve, the Treasury, our banks and financial institutions and about every 7 to 10 years steal trillions to only be bailed out by our screwed government. Our only outlet seem to be our guns, porn, sports, TV, a long line of pharmaceuticals and loads of booze to make it all bearable. Hanging onto the pride of having a heavily mortgaged house that will never be paid off; a gas drinking SUV or car and numerous playthings, like a giant plasma TV, remote controlled lawn mower, golf clubs, boat, a motorcycle, etc. and actually believing day after day they are living the American dream. Remaining in a nightmarish realm of debt and an early death. Seldom having the time to enjoy their life or  spending time with their children we march to an unfathomable beat of sheer madness. We just don't realize that the American lifestyle comes at a high price, not only in constant and overwhelming burdens, but with chemically treated and genetically modified crops, undrinkable tap water, cancer causing air pollutants, jammed highways, junk food diets, out of control government, increasing taxes, freedom depriving regulations, horrific health care and morbid schools. Not to mention a few million lunatics with guns and slum areas we're afraid to drive through even in daylight. Then lets not forget the several thousand drunk drivers behind the wheels. Isn't the fact that your child can't even go outside to play without the high probability that they may be kidnapped and/or killed enough to make you aware of the status of your country.

At the end of the day Americans can pop open a beer and flip on the nightly bombardment of news-bites from the puppet casters of Fox, CNN and countless other nightly news and be bombarded with even more brain dead coercion from these strictly regulated, in accordance to their FCC masters, (FCC. Federally Controlled Communications.) We live and die up to our eyeballs in debt, but still can't afford to take a decent vacation and are consistently too stressed to enjoy a little romance with our spouses, remain living in fear that our out of control kids might kill us if we don't succumb to their daily demands for more money and unrestricted freedoms. Yes, we should all be proud of our robotic lives in our glass, plastic and concrete environment. In consolation we manage to survive knowing that God will reward our worthless lives with everlasting peace in some floating heavenly palace. And even knowing your life sucks you remain ignorant enough to continually live in fear of actually believing that some  terrorists jealous of your lifestyle wants to destroy your screwed up way of live? Now that's hysterical!!!

In this so called modern society neighbors and co-workers don't even know each others names, much less get to know one another. Living in societies where it's more critical to correctly roll up your water hose than it is to be polite to others. Living in countries that can put you in jail for smoking a cigarette, much less a joint...or for throwing down a piece of paper...while it's perfectly ok to dispose of millions of tons of daily waste in the ocean or buried in some virgin landfill. Living where they ban smoking but its perfectly permissible to pollute the very atmosphere of the planet with million of vehicles and factories spewing trillions of cubic meters of poison gases endangering our very existence. What...smoking a fucking cigarette is so bad, as to warrant so many restrictions? A land where degenerate woman wanting a baby may one day simply decide to invade a pregnant woman's home, kill her, cut out the fetus and take it home with her. A country that bans prostitution, but spends billions retaining their ludicrous gun laws, producing violent shows, movies and video games. Where men can be arrested for talking to a female, which at times is a cop dressed as a hooker, but its ok to browse the web in search of ever more extreme and disgusting porn.

Living in a country where you can be arrested for a friendly game of poker with your friends in your own home, but can legally walk into a billion dollar casino and lose everything you own in a matter of minutes. A country where you can go to prison for smoking marijuana, but can legally overdose on prescription drugs and cheap alcohol. A land where in every poor neighborhood there's a liquor and gun store on every other corner and of course...a church at the end of the block for immediate and convenient redemption. Societies where self righteous men masturbate to images of young girls on their favorite porn sites and dignity their existence by going to church on Sunday. Still believing they're good men, husbands and Fathers. These same men grouping together with the same-minded drinking buddies at their local bars to get plastered and scream like childish morons while watching a fucking football game and yet have no time to get involved with the issues destroying their world...nor the time to devote to their wives and kids. So caught up in self gratification that they never realize they are totally responsible for raising their children and in teaching them things of some value. Yeah...great examples of the American lifestyle, which unfortunately is spreading around the globe. Is such a cultureless society worth preserving??? And don't forget to stock up on plastic sheeting and duct tape for safe guarding your house for the next Anthrax alert....if not...your patriotism will be in doubt!!! So say the republicans.

Personally I was raised and educated in nature, hiking, fishing, exploring, playing with my friends and dogs, swimming in rivers, lakes and creeks, star gazing and just being a kid. When we did watch TV we tuned in to bloodless TV shows like Lost in Space, Gilligan's Island, Bewitched, the Andy Griffin show and so on. Today the kids cut their teeth on computer porn, sexual videos from MTV, violent shows of cops, forensics, murder, mayhem, and movies of constant shootouts where guns and murder are glorified. Fathers with no time. Mothers feeding their children junk food and lounging around in sweats watching daily soaps that go on for generations, while their kids are left unattended. And let's not forget their music; disgusting black gangster and hip-hop rap about whores, guns, murder and easy money and other ghetto crap blasting from stereos, Ipods, TV's and countless other gadgets.

Think about it for a minute...being raised and living in America and other western style societies "just what the hell do you expect from the people, especially the kids? Living in countries where honking the horn at someone can get you killed is definitely not where I want to live and especially not where I would want to raise my kids. America...the land of the free and the home of the brave, yeah, but only if their overwhelmingly armed to the teeth and have the ability to fight their wars at a distant. A country where traffic laws are enforced, but robbery, murder and mayhem are as common as a family going out for dinner together. Then there's the macho cops hiding behind every bush waiting to pull you over for going 5 miles over some ridiculously low speed limit. They're empowered to not only give you a $100+ dollar ticket for speeding, but a couple of hundred dollar fine for not properly wearing your seatbelt, etc. but the loaded gun on your seat goes unmentioned. Just one of thousands of our American warped concept of selective freedoms.

Our western society is cancerous and it's simply because we, as good ole Americans, have the right to shoot and kill another human being for whatever reason we believe is warranted. To live in a society where traffic citations generate billions for our screwed up judicial system, while murders and violent offenders are often never caught or are set free early from our over crowded prisons. And as for being brave...even after getting the damn ticket we're so intimidated by the Gestapo looking cop that we whine feeble apologies for breaking some petty traffic law. "Sorry for speeding and please excuse me officer for not wearing my seat beat and thank you for being concerned for my safety" Then there's our bumper stickers proclaiming "God bless our troops in Iraq." Now if we only knew where the fuck Iraq and Afghanistan were located. Shouldn't we at least be obligated in learning how to spell the name of the countries we're destroying? Hey people...we've fallaciously declared war on those poor people...please...give a damn!

And is this, our American lifestyle, what we're fighting and dying for? What we're pushing down the throats of others around the world? Our fucked up culture of bigotry, racial despise, hated, impatience, intolerable treatment of others, as well as animals along with the world in general. That and our malcontent, greed, cruelty, and philosophy of "God loves me because I'm a white Christian" bullshit. Add  your self-righteous asshole attitude that gives you the absolute right to kill someone for stealing some over-priced clothes at a boutique or walking on your yard. This is what you're protecting? A right to carry concealed guns and the absolute right to shoot someone for pissing you off?  That is not freedom...it's mayhem. Freedom is having the right and obligation to keep your government in check...having the right to not roll up your fucking water hose, the right to sit on your porch or in the park and drink a beer or smoke a cigarette. Freedom is the right to walk your dog at 3:AM without fear of getting mugged or shot by a punk or paranoid cop. Freedom is having the right to be gay or an Atheist without persecution. If I remember my history correctly...isn't escaping religious bigotry and micro-control of our everyday lives by self appointed masters just some of the reasons we left Europe so long ago?

Am I angry about our actions in Vietnam and now in Afghanistan and Iraq? You god damn right! I remain mad and totally pissed off at the cowardly people of this world. The planet is sinking in debt, bathed in dictators, imprisoning, starvation, filth and pollution, endless diseases, war, murder, torture, global insanity and over all chaos. These issues should have a tendency to really piss everyone off...after all it's also your world being destroyed.

What does the American people owe to Vietnam and to the rest of the world? We owe our respect, our tolerance and a share of our wealth...after all most of it was stolen from other lands and people. Americans can never replace the things destroyed in the Vietnam war, but they can put down their beer, flip off their TVs, park their SUVs, and if they can not visit this amazingly beautiful country and befriend these gracious, welcoming and loving people, at least learn the truths of who we are as Americans and what harm we have done to them and the rest of the world. Having traveled the globe and living in and throughout Vietnam, as well as all of Asia, I can say positively that these people do not hate us...they have forgiven us! In all my years in Vietnam I did not came across one person that mistreated me or was rude or mentioned anything about the past war...not once! Everyone from 'small children to old ladies' welcomed and greeted me with honest friendliness. People just walking by while going on with their busy lives were always quick with a smile.

If you can visit Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos, as well as Malaysia and China, I promise you will learn to open your eyes and your hearts, as well as having the time of your life. Spend some time and a little money in letting the world know that we're not all monsters. In all of Asia, especially SE Asia, you'll never visit a more phenomenal region where "culture and ancient civilizations inspire, mesmerize and instill genuine tranquility and true peace of spirit. Where good-times, divine dining, bargain shopping and unimaginable experiences are an everyday occurrence. Vietnam and Thailand are framed with white sand beaches, hundreds of islands, superb diving, deep sea fishing, jungle trekking on elephants and endless adventures are abound in the entire region. Beauty and adventure await at every turn...from the cities to the serene lifestyles of hidden villages and ancient heritages.

Enjoy their museums, culture centers, temples, theaters and endless dining experiences on every corner, as well as great nightlife, cheap accommodations & transportation, along with an unimaginative foray of unforgettable people. Vietnam, where you can ride a train from Hanoi in the far north to Saigon in the far south for approximately $60 US dollars, or ride an air-conditioned taxi entirely across Saigon for 3 dollars. Or you can pump up your adrenalin with a one dollar thrilling ride on the back of a scooter taxi...hanging on for life as the experienced driver swaggers through packed traffic as effortlessly as a bird through air. In addition to all the above; SE Asia and especially Vietnam have the most stunningly beautiful women and welcoming people on the planet. From the south beaches of Thailand to the mountains of Laos, to the ancient ruins of Cambodia's Angkor Wat, they are all unforgettable. Everywhere I wandered I was relaxed, entertained, amazed and welcomed as family. They live their life's as free people and are in harmony with each other, their land, and unlike most of the so called civilized world...their beaches and oceans are for everyone. And no...I'm not paid to write this editorial or to promote SE Asia or Vietnam or anywhere else...these are my words, my opinions and my feelings.

     You may ask why I am so down on the USA...it's simple...I am not deaf, dumb or blind!

One more comment...please remember that when traveling the world; while very rewarding it is not your playground, nor your backyard, so show respect where ever you wander! And keep in mind that if you're not part of the solution in saving our world...then you are definitely a part of the problem!

The below video is narrated to teach the young about 'The Truth about The Vietnam War" 18 minutes.



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Editorial written by; Michael Smith
Sept. 2007. Updated April & Oct. 2008 and March 2012. Updates December 2015
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